Midwest Insurance Services

About us


How we became the best among others?

John Hall started Midwest Insurance Services and has been operating for over 30 years in many forms. Starting in a small town we have grown to serve the needs of the customers.

“We have been with Midwest Insurance Services for Years!  They are the best to deal with, friendly and offer great service.  Always there when you need them and always making sure everything gets taken care of!  As we grow we will be a Forever Customer!”

B&R Towing & Roadside Service

920-394-2320 (office)


Our mission

We look to grow with our customers. Large or small we want every one to feel welcome. Teaching and working hand in hand with our clients will always be our goal.

Our vision

We understand the world is a fast paced machine. We believe we can make it more personal and less of a pain to keep your life and business protected.

Our value

Midwest Insurance Services knows the industry. We can guide you through the murky waters that is insurance and coverage. Providing the best coverage possible.

Our working process

We grow with you. And Midwest Insurance Services want to not only educate our clients, but take the headache out of keeping your self protected.

Defining Quality

There is only so much an automated Service can provide. Sometimes you just need to speak to a human and have a conversation about your needs. We are here to provide that!

Coverage design

Midwest Insurance Services has worked with hundreds of providers and companies. We know what you need. Sit down with us and we will find the best path for your needs.

Maintaining Quality!

Your lives and business change every day. So does ours! We are built around the idea of and agile and flexible work flow. We can make adjustments and updates based on your ever changing needs!